5 Betting Games That Are In Demand

5 Betting Games That Are In Demand
5 Betting Games That Are In Demand

Betting is huge in the gaming industry. The rise of the internet and modern security technology has made betting online safer and more secure. Sites such as https://xn--oy2b3jq9s75qfwb.net receive thousands of visits a month with people raking in huge wins every single day. Below are 5 in-demand betting games currently very popular.


This classic betting game is very well-known for its simplicity. The player’s main job is to choose between 1 to 8 numbers out of the 80 possibilities. If any of the numbers chosen were to be drawn, then the player wins. If not, they lose. There are two versions of the game, one is a virtual game complete with a virtual lottery drum. The other one is a real one connected to a streaming platform. The streaming version allows players to stream in real-time from the studio where a real lottery drum is used.

Common features of Red Keno include:

  • special profitable win plans
  • draw every 3 minutes
  • can be played on mobile
  • 2 types of jackpot

Red Keno is very popular in CIS countries as well as African nations.


Color Bet was designed and developed by a well-known Austrian betting company, MOHIO. This gaming software follows in the footsteps of LOTO games and offers players many opportunities not only to bet on the color of the balls but also to bet on their numbers. For players who like to play high stakes, they can choose to bet on a number that will be played in a draw. Color Bet is known among its user base as a betting game that’s very exciting with constant payouts. It is presented in a classical version and also a satellite version where drawings are broadcasted on television channels.


Racing Bet is another very popular betting game across the African continent because of its speed and simplicity. Another reason why it’s so popular is that the game is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of rounds and betting options every three minutes or so.


Football is the world’s most popular sport which is why there is a high demand for its virtual version. Flash Soccer includes all the major leagues in football. And unlike traditional betting games where players will have to wait for the outcome of a game in real-time, Flash Soccer allows players to place bets every 3 minutes so it’s not wasting any player’s time. This betting game is understandably popular in countries where football is very popular such as European and African countries.


This modern game quickly drew in a lot of fans within the betting community. Colorful, fun, and easy to use, the game offers a very good payout and a reliable game engine. Numbered balls randomly fall out of a virtual drum and players can place bets on ball colors and numbers. Draws happen every 5 minutes which only increases a player’s chances of winning. It also helps that the game is available 24/7. The technology used to develop and operate this game makes it extremely profitable and safe for all players playing.

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